Call me Chef Saylee with Burgundy Box

Laziness is my middle name. Hell, it could also replace my first name.
But Procrastination Padwal suits me really well, so I’ll let it stick.

This laziness of mine comes into play during a lot of instances. Most of all when I’m home alone on a weekend, lustfully eyeing that meal which Bon Appetit has posted a while ago. It says it uses just 5 ingredients, but ugh, who’ll go to the market, get the stuff, prep it, cook it and eat it?
I’d gladly skip to the eating part if I could but, *sigh*.

Times like these call for a messiah, a saviour who’d help me skip to the eating part and help me cook the meal by myself too. After all, who wouldn’t want to flaunt their cooking skills on Instagram with the hashtag #masterchef? *wink*

This is where Burgundy Box steps in.


Dinner in a box is what Burgundy Box serves with DIY meal kits consisting of pre-prepped and portioned ingredients, fresh and ready to be cooked. You can opt for a simple Mac and Cheese Pasta or go full-fledged Masterchef with some Stuffed Chicken.

I obviously, pompous and proud, went for a Chicken Kra Pao or Thai Basil Chicken with Steamed Rice box.

Neatly packed, in miniature containers the perfectly measured ingredients entice you enough to start cooking right away. The prep time taken is a bare minimum and the very concise yet effective description ensures your meal looks and tastes just like it should.

Let me take you through the recipe for my Chicken Kra Pao, a popular street food eat at Thailand that’s cooked in a saucy blend of signtureThai sauces, Basil with hand-pounded Chili and Garlic.

The ingredients

  1. Oil
  2. Pounded Red Chilli and Garlic
  3. Chicken Pieces
  4. Thai Sauce Blend
  5. Basil Leaves
  6. Egg (Optional)
  7. Steamed Rice


The recipe

  1. Heat half the oil(1) in a pan, let it smoke


  2. Add in the pounded red chilly and garlic(2) and cook for a minute


  3. Add Chicken pieces(3) cook for around 2 minutes and then add not more than half a cup of water (100ml). Cook for one more minute


  4. Put in the Thai sauce blend(4) and stir well. Cook for 2 minutes


  5. Put basil leaves(5) Cook for 2-3 minutes and set it aside


  6. To make the fried egg, heat the remaining oil(1) in a small pan, pour the egg(6) into the pan and allow to cook for a minute. If you like it cooked on both sides, flip the egg and cook on the other side as well


  7. Sprinkle some water over the steamed rice(7) and microwave for 45 seconds, else place the rice in a strainer and pour boiling water over it. Drain the water completely


  8. For plating, Make a bed of the steamed rice. Place hot Chicken Kra Pao over the rice and top it with the fried egg as garnish


    It’s clear to see that the dish turned out to be deliciously photogenic, and not to mention ridiculously tasty. The gravy coated the tender chicken pieces silkenly and when placed on the bed of fluffy, steamed white rice, was a sight to behold. Also, not one to brag but, would you look at that sunny side up? I should definitely consider contending in Masterchef India next year. And all this was prepared in under 20 minutes! If that doesn’t excite you enough to order your own DIY kit, I don’t know what will.


    Give Burgundy Box a try this weekend and impress both your family, and your followers!

Order your DIY kit here –
Recipe courtesy – Burgundy Box

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  1. Burgundy Box says:

    Thanks Saylee for writing this amazing piece. We are glad that you liked it 🙂


    1. Burgundy Box says:

      BTW is that Jon Snow? 😅


    2. Haha yes, John loved the Kra Pao too!


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