A Southern Breakfast Soiree at Banana Leaf

Show me a foodie from India and I’ll show you a person who’ll never say no a good ole South Indian Breakfast.
The steaming hot idlis, crispy medu wadas with soft centres, paper thin dosas are hard to resist.

Banana Leaf is a restaurant that serves all of this with an added touch of fine dining. To add to their already elaborate menu of South Indian delicacies, they’ve now introduced a new Breakfast Menu.
With the choicest of Southern ‘nashta’ items, you’ll be having enough items to extend your meal into brunch.

The meal is served on metal plates with circular-cut banana leaves. With a healthy list of juices to start off with, I knew that the food was going to be every bit guilt free.

Our Thali consisted of the following items,
Neer Dosa – Fluffy and light, this kind of dosa is made by using just rice and ‘neer’ which means water. Quite different from your regular dosas due to its watery consistency , a neer dosa is a great option for rice lovers.

Tomato Omelet – The vegetarian Omelette prepared using a mixture of chickpea flour, tomatoes, onions and spices is my go-to item at any Udupi restaurant. The smaller size version of Banana Leaf will make sure you won’t stop at just one serving, haha.


Sewaiya Upma – This fluorescent yellow colored item is as eye-catching as it is delicious. It has a crunchy as well as chewy texture and is surely my favourite off the thali.

Medu Wada – Bite size wadas, these were crispy and soft centred, just the way I like to have them.


Chickoo Sheera – Chickoo is not a flavour you’d generally see being used in a Sheera but Banana Leaf gets it right, strangely enough. Not overly sweet with subtle hints and garnished with cashew pieces, it perfect for someone who is looking for a light dessert.


Pineapple Express – A blend of Pineapple, Papaya and Mint, this drink was a disappointment to me. After relishing all the other yummy flavours off the thali, it felt a bland on the palate.


Upma – Not really being a fan of Upma, I decided to skip this dish entirely.

Orange Sheera – A mildly sweet sheera with what appeared to be food coloring. Again, its a winsome-losesome situation when it comes to such dishes.


To wrap it all up, I ended up having quite a hearty and filling meal at The Banana Leaf. The menu has a lot to offer and caters to a lot@ of different tastes and budgets. Do drop by on a lazy weekend for a brekkie with filter kaapi and steaming medu wadas and you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Surfy says:

    Have your tried breakfast at Roshan Bakery Mazgaon


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